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L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter VII : The Holy paradox

The funny part of this history is that the "villain" was making some good changes into history beating the evil ones.   But this was the result: This crazy thing did start in Namek .... Even like that. it seems Vegeta was convinced to take out Goku. Nappa died by Freezer instead of Vegeta Cause Nappa and Goku died , Vegeta saves Gohan and Piccolo ,and go to earth But that was only the begining Congratulation! you mixed realities ...  of the same! Well, at least you make ... Cell early out ::_:_:_:_:__:_:_:_ And that´s why Knyer Black was targeting later

Lysk Knyer Lahavrix

L. Knyer's lore explanation (draconismodding.blogspot.com) (She was my XV cac. Was the first cac in a manual added slot , before the X2M ,  she was set as a base x2m for cac creation (those presets still avaliable in AGM)  till cacx2m was created. Then later I turned her into a full OC.) Dropbox - Lysk Knyer - Simplify your life Lysk Knyer (2241) – Xenoverse Mods (videogamemods.com) Dropbox - skills - Simplify your life Dropbox - Stages - Simplify your life Lysk Knyer's Heroes & Villains (draconismodding.blogspot.com) L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter I : The Death of L. Knyer Parents (draconismodding.blogspot.com) L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter III :An unexpected warrior (draconismodding.blogspot.com) L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter IV : The Demon Awoke (Remake) (draconismodding.blogspot.com) L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter VI : The Quest for Knowledge (Remake) (draconismodding.blogspot.com) L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter VII : The Holy paradox (draconismodding.blogspot.com) Lysk K

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