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L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter IV : The Demon Awoke

Name : Shukumei Age : eternal Race : Makai Origin : Demon realm Powers : delusion , ilusion , possess, necromancy , cursing Dark Dragon Ball powers :  soul reaper , clarividence , moving into dimensions , space , time and prevent it to others . ;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;_;:_;_:;_:;_:;_:; ;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;_;:_;_:;_:;_:;_:; Shukumei was tricking Rycelle and by using  her ilusion powers, Rycelle murdered the Kai When she found the truth , Rycelle was send to Hell after failing confronting the goddess but she was liberating from it . thanks to her grand mother who also helped her to reach a new power level due her hybrid condition Finally ,Rycelle was finish her with a powerful tecnique But she awoke few years later. Two years after suffer a defeat against the daugther of Lysk , Rycelle. then her revenge was using an ilusion on Rycelle to know the Dragon balls location  ,then  possessing Rycelle to kill him ... She manages t

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