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Saint Seiya (XV2)

History of this project: https://draconismodding.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-reason-of-saint-seiya-mods-for-xv2.html (In resume those characters and the ones for my fanfics were supposed to be in Soldiers' Soul at start, not XV2.  Now they are.)  My Fanfics: (Before they were remaked again when I finally  managed to work in Soldiers' Soul )  (Discarted) La Saga del Cielo (versión descartada) (draconismodding.blogspot.com) La Saga del Apocalipsis (versión descartada) (draconismodding.blogspot.com) (Remake and sequel) La Caída del Olimpo (fanfic) (XV2 version) (draconismodding.blogspot.com) La Caída del Olimpo: Heliópolis (fanfic) (XV2 version) (draconismodding.blogspot.com) (Was suppossed to be The last of Saga of the Trilogy) Saga del Último Dios (fanfic) () (draconismodding.blogspot.com) Anyway there are many OC and stuff resulting from that. Saint Seiya armors for CAC (draconismodding.blogspot.com) It was too complicated to keep them always updated as a full pack. Draconis is c

Saint Seiya Mods