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L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter IV : The Demon Awoke (Remake)

;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;:_;_;:_;_:;_:;_:;_:; Name : Shukumei Age : Eternal Race : Makai Origin : Demon Realm Powers : delusion , ilusion , possess, necromancy , cursing , moving into dimensions & space ,  clarividence   Dark Holy Dragon Ball powers :  soul reaper  ,  and Dimensión lock. The Demon Awoke A Demon named Shukumei awoken in the year 2247 . She used clarividence power to know the universe situation. Now knowing about the Dragon Balls and the fact that those has been destroyed , long ago . She used another power to move from her location to the Solar System in a dimension were the Dragon Balls still exist ,an specific one , while with her other hand she was tracing the DNA of the most powerful creature. She found a Saiyan named Knyer , one of few survivors from a cosmic tragedy , but Shukumei was not caring about what sort of creature did it . Then She found an injured Lysk , she killed her and to use necromancy powers on

L. Knyer's Lore - Chapter VI : The Quest for Knowledge (Remake)

In this time scroll .Tien was missing from the ToP that was enough to lead to The U7 extermination , because Frieza killed Jiren accidentaly , due Vegito was figthing against Kefla ending beating her ,making Frieza angry ; refusing on fight against Jiren with the fusion help. But how? Goku and Vegeta were forced to use the Potara , due the presure , to finish Kefla in less than five minutes  Then Frieza Killed Jiren "accidentaly" Doomed U7  All this disaster happened because Yamcha was choose instead of Tien.  Lysk duty was to enter the ToP and cover Tien participation over Yamcha , by became his student. Then being found by Goku to be enlisted. Later she was found by Goku due her powerful ki He was so exited on seeing her as a Saiyan and capable on use the Super Saiyan 3 power Then he was wondering if she was able to reach a power beyond , then decide to train her She suggested on practice th

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