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God of The Chaos ,Dionysus

Name : Dionysus Nationality: Middle East Age : (Unknown) Gender : Male Armour : Divine grape wine Tecniques: *Turn blood into water * Interdimensional resurrection * Portals of Madness The powerful son of Zeus and an unknown woman of the middle east.  He replaced Hestia's place in the Olympus.   Discarted blooded weapon DB XV2 version Old SSSS version

Typhoeus God Seth

Name : Damien Seth Nationality: Egypt Age : (Unknown) Gender : Male Armour : Kalasiris of Typhoeus Armour material: Crimson Titanium Tecniques: * Sandstorm * hundred eyes curse Son of Isis... Images for explanatory purposes only Typhoeus Seth

Xiuhcoatl Dana

Name : Danna Lopez Nationality : Mexico/Ireland Age : 19 Gender :Female Armour : Xiuhcoatl . Vento head of Tiamat Armour material: Celesty titanium kaunake Tecniques: * Argentum lighning * Aurum shock * Electric tornado * Green fire *Sharur spear The myth related to Illustration for explanatory purposes only : Xiuhcoatl Danu

The Dragon of Gea: Tiamat

Name : Tiamat Nationality : The World (Elder God)    Age : Eternal Gender :Female Armour : Tiamat Armour material: Sumerian kaunake (Celesty Titanium)   Tecniques *Tiamat's Scythe An armor created by Tiamat to be used by her daughters, after she was defeated by Marduk; to Protect the Earth from Abzu instead. Abzu,  Was exiled by Marduk; who was overpowered after defeating the other Gods and reaching the quintessence to beat the darkness god. Meanwhile Chronos fear to be betrayed by one of his sons, so he sent them into a space-time prison to be devoured by the emptiness, but later, his son, Zeus, with the help of the Titan Hyperion. Liberating them from prison, imprisoning Chronos himself instead. Then having a war with the titan's known as Nephilim; rulers of the other nations, and their terrific monsters.  After breaking The seven seals from the Archangels The summon of Tiamat causes an Elementum cataclysmus, it is manifested i

Granir Sigmund


Ofion Rän

Name: Rän Kuolemanjärvi ( Eurynome ) Nationality :Finland Age : 19 Gender :Female Armour : Ofion (Ouroboros)  Aqua head of Tiamat Armour material: Celesty titanium kaunake Tecniques: * Impact Eternal * Ocean rage * Damocles sword Aqua head of Tiamat The myth related to Illustration, for explanatory purposes only : Goddess Rän Eurinome  & Ofion   Ouroboros Damocles sword

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