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Future Bra (From L. Knyer lore)


DB XV2The Dark Saga

This is about several Time patrolling missions where my cac among another characters are facing a powerful danger  when the normal events were influenced by unknow dark forces.  Hell .were was suposing that Gogeta would defeat  Janemba But he got a Dark dragon ball and Draconis (TP) was forcing to show up They d manage to beat Janemba but he suffered a transformation so Draconis (TP) was forced  to use his SSJ Rage Another Time Patroller was figthing Lysk Knyer saw a weird time alteration were Dabura was about to destroy Majin Buu and it was easy . Too suspicius? Vegeta saw a timeline were Raditz just mastered the SSJ3 form and with Nappa they were pretty close to cause a disaster , specially since Gohan was murdered by them.

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