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Knyer's was inspired in:

Lysk Knyer Lahavrix Lysk:  A plant from Skyrim Knyer:  The word for fire , and the lastname of those with the flaming hair asociated with the Irxavian red moon , Tryadium : Lahavrix: A part of the lore from my discarted videogame... two Irxave world main cities ;and by switching the capital name. (Her Saiyan mother changed her own Lastname due Lahavrixens capital law) Personality and body : Several characters that you may recognize

Lysk Knyer's Heroes & Villains

Heroes Dropbox - Heroes - Simplify your life Lysk Knyer Lahavrix Jurzar Draconis A Time Patroller Kinoko Kinoko Lahavrix. Knyer's mother, she was from the lineage of few survivors from Planet Vegeta destruction. Living somewhere in the unknow Daevri Galaxy.  Then later ,by exploring the milky way she found the planet Irxave ...    Wyrell Knyer's father. He was a descendant from terran Irxavian colonist ;whose had a far mixed Saiyan blood. Rycelle The daugther of L. Knyer and Jurzar Draconis. Rycelle born in the year 8?? in an unknow past-future . Paish Half brother of L. Knyer, he born in Daevri Galaxy  ,his mother was The Saiyan Kinoko , his father is unknown. Akuram A saiyan from Daevri Galaxy .The wife of Paish. Villains Dropbox - Villains - Simplify your life Liot The former Galaxy Gobernor. Killer of L. Knyer's parents He was planning the assassination of the Universe first minister that day Generbau   She was Knyer's best friend

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