The reason behind The Saint Seiya mods for XV2

Brief tale of the born of my Saint Seiya mods for XV2

Two years ago after Soul of Gold was featuring Loki I decided to make him as a playable character

then in fact I was designing him (but I'd created the wings later) 

 , his armor was in a different state , less polished  ; then few days later was improved by SOMEONE name DarkChr (Arkano?) (Who also was a collaborator on Kenshiro mod I did for the modder  Negi Springfield)

Right after it , I decided to work ALONE and design the 13th Gold Saint . Ophiuchus Odysseus. Editing certain Zodiac Gold parts to match the ND (next dimension) design

 , then I decide to create my own Tenkai Hen Saga. That s when the 12 Olympian Gods idea begun , starting with Zeus (by modifying Hades sapuri)

Hera :I designed every Kamui part of her
 Ares :by editing Athena's cloth and designing a helmet
  Apolo :by modeling the Kamui according to a fanart
Aphrodite : her Kamui was modeled inspired in a fanart and the SSO design

Artemis : modeling her as ND design is
Haephestus : my original idea
Hermes: my original idea
Poseidon : The common scale model
Athena : The common scale model

 Perséfone : The SSO design

later the 12 Gold Saints , and the Bronze ones ( specially improving Dragon Shiryu by voicing him with Negi help , also custom skills)  Finally was the turn of The Dark Lord Hades.
Two Hades Specters 
Equleus Shoko 

Even the beginning of new exclusive characters such the  Egyptian Gods
Seth,Bastet,Sobek ,Iseth ,and Sekhmet

Two new silver saints

And Three warriors of Gea

Odin Lyfia was the last ,before I started creating the Heaven Saga


Iscarionte ha dicho que…
las modificaciones se hacen en blender,por lo que veo,pero...que tipo de archivo he de tomar como base para modificarlo (saint seya sould soldier)y como lo extraigo?